EuroAquae Semester 4 - SS 2016

Master Theses Generation 12

List of students and master theses

Student Title Institution Tutor Inception Report Thesis Report
Enrique Cano Automated Framework for Lumped Hydrological Model Setup, Calibration and Execution KISTERS AG, Aachen/D Schwanenberg PDF PDF
Remika Gupana Sedimentology and Turbidity Analysis for Mapping Microphytobenthos in the Dutch Wadden Sea using Remote Sensing Deltares, Delft/NL El Serafy PDF PDF
Ricardo Montero Rubert Application of Cloud Computing to Hydraulic Modelling CH2M Swindon/UK Vasilyev, Wicks PDF PDF
Shutian Tang Integration of the water management into the eco-hydrological modelling of the Guanting River Basin in China Pik Potsdam/D Wechsung/Conradt PDF PDF
Arianna Varrani 0-D Modelling of long-term morphological evolution of rivers University of Bologna/I Massimo Guerrero PDF PDF
Mengxiao Wang Optimize Operating Condition During AkvoFloat of Metalworking Wastewater Akvola Technology, Berlin/D Ludwig PDF PDF
Sonja Wanke (ERM) Depicting Trade-offs Between Ecosystem Services in the Dutch Wadden Sea by Making Use of a Bayesian Belief Network Deltares, Delft/NL El Serafy PDF PDF