EuroAquae Semester 4 - SS 2018

Master Theses Generation 13

List of students and master theses

Student Title Institution Tutor Inception Report Thesis Report
Philipp Pallmer Computational Fluid Dynamics Univ. Hannover Welzel PDF PDF
Paula Grosser Quantifying Climate Change Impacts in the Wadden Sea with Phytoplankton as Bioindicator Deltares, Delft/NL El Serafy PDF PDF
Isis Paola Nunez Franco Multi-Step Prediction of Sewer Flow for Calcium Nitrate and Ferrous Chloride Dosing Control using ARMA Model TU Berlin Despot PDF PDF
Alice Sartori Monteiro de Barros Software Integration between WaterSmart Network Optimization and WaterSmart Asset Management Applications MACS Energy & Water, Frankfurt/D Perez PDF PDF
Shrijwal Adhikari Building a Hydrological Model/Land Surface Model for South & South East Asia Conservation International (CI), Singapore Shaad PDF PDF
Yueling Ma Water level predictions for inland navigation using artificial neural networks TU Berlin Hinkelmann PDF PDF
Jianyuan Zhang Modelling the transport and fate of airport deicer chemicals through the environment Jacobs, Swindon/UK McConkey, Vasilyev PDF PDF