EuroAquae Semester 4 - SS 2022

Master Thesis - Seminar

Final Thesis Presentations

Day and Time Location/System Student Thesis Title
18 Aug 10:00 CEST     online Leal Rojas, Jeisson Methodologies, uncertainties, and data visualization for substance load estimations in rivers for web-based applications
18 Aug 14:00 CEST     online Kharbuja, Roshana Performance of hydrological and hydraulic flow routing schemes in operational data assimilation and forecasting applications
24 Aug 10:00 CEST online Rodriguez Florez, Ingrid Daniela Numerical Modeling of Irrigation Canal Networks: an Inclusive Application in Spain
25 Aug 10:00 CEST TU Berlin Jaletta, Abinet Modelling of flash floods in Wukro Catchment, Northern Ethiopia, variation of model components, sensibility studies and adaptaion
25 Aug 11:00 CEST TU Berlin McStay, Monica Potential Applications of Clarified Water Reuse in the Panke River Basin
25 Aug 12:00 CEST TU Berlin Kitale, Leonard GIS-based analysis of urban and peri-urban-natural regions in Berlin and Brandenburg towards the applicability of different rain-water-management technologies
26 Aug 10:00 CEST online Marshall, Rushawn Odaine Implementation of virtual sectorization using the AQUADVANCED Water Networks solution
29 Aug 10:00 CEST Hamburg Wasser Rasheed, Ezzah Modelling and Hotspot Analysis for Rainfall induced Urban Flood Events
30 Aug 15:00 CEST online Das, Purnima Reconstitution of historical deposits on downstream Loire using 1D Hydrosedimentary model
02 Sep 10:00 CEST online Takkouk, Mohamed Abdelmouiz Comparative study of environmental risk modeling software related to oil production water discharges (Study case)