EuroAquae Semester 4 - SS 2022

Master Theses Generation 17

List of students and master theses

Student Title Institution Tutor Inception Report Thesis Report
Das, Purnima Reconstitution of historical deposits on downstream Loire using 1D Hydrosedimentary model Inrae, Lyon Camenen PDF PDF
Jaletta, Abinet Modelling of flash floods in Wukro Catchment, Northern Ethiopia, variation of model components, sensibility studies and adaptaion TU Berlin Hinkelmann PDF PDF
Kitale, Leonard GIS-based analysis of urban and peri-urban-natural regions in Berlin and Brandenburg towards the applicability of different rain-water-management technologies BTU Cottbus Molkenthin PDF PDF
Kharbuja, Roshana Performance of hydrological and hydraulic flow routing schemes in operational data assimilation and forecasting applications Kisters Schwanenberg PDF PDF
Leal Rojas, Jeisson Methodologies, uncertainties, and data visualization for substance load estimations in rivers for web-based applications ICWRGC/BAFG Koblenz van Dongen PDF PDF
Marshall, Rushawn Odaine Implementation of virtual sectorization using the AQUADVANCED Water Networks solution Suez Smart Solutions Bouhamadouche PDF PDF
McStay, Monica Potential Applications of Clarified Water Reuse in the Panke River Basin IB Sieker Sieker, Reichert PDF PDF
Rasheed, Ezzah Modelling and Hotspot Analysis for Rainfall induced Urban Flood Events Hamburger Wasser Wahl PDF PDF
Rodriguez Florez, Ingrid Daniela Numerical Modeling of Irrigation Canal Networks: an Inclusive Application in Spain GWF Technologies Skripalle PDF PDF
Takkouk, Mohamed Abdelmouiz Comparative study of environmental risk modeling software related to oil production water discharges (Study case) Total Energy, Toulouse Cailleaud PDF PDF