Lecture Notes - Semester 3 - WS 2022/23

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Module 3.1 - Module 3.2/3 - Module 3.4 - Module 3.X - Module 3.Y

Lecture Notes

Module Course Lecturer Date Title
3.1 hydrodynamic numerical modelling Molkenthin 12 Oct
12 Oct
12 Oct
12 Oct
17 Oct
02 Nov
02 Nov
15 Nov
03 Jan
17 Jan
River Rhine case study:
Assignment Description
River Modelling Introduction
Data Pre-Analysis
Model Setup: Steady Simulation
Model Setup: Unsteady Simulation
Model Calibration and Validation
Model Application
2D River Modelling
Result Post-Processing


17 Jan

17 Jan
  Exercise 1      Tutorial 1
  Exercise 2      Tutorial 2a      Tutorial 2b
                           Friction 4         Morphodynamic 4
  River_Rhine_Tutorial  -    Installation  -    Data

  Introduction  -    Tutorial  -    riverOutline.i2s  -    discharge.liq
  riverFlume.zip  -    selectedBuildings.zip
03 Jan

Environmental Agency, UK:
2D Desktop Packages 2009
2D Model Benchmarking 2010
2D Model Benchmarking 2013
students Feb Papers:
groundwater modelling Molkenthin
13 Oct

18 Oct
26 Oct
Numerical Modelling:
Groundwater 1D Theory
Groundwater 1D FDM Exercise
Groundwater 1D FDM Solution
Groundwater 2D Theory
Hinz Nov/Dec
see Moodle course Groundwater Modelling
Molkenthin 28 Nov

28 Nov

07 Dec
09 Jan
FeFlow Introduction
E-Book - PDF - Software
Reference - User Manual - Example
BigBlueButton Recording
Fundamentals of Groundwater Modelling
Groundwater Modelling Guidelines
Assignment 1: Task - Tutorial - Video - Basic Model
WaterEurope FEFLOW Tutorial - Data Set
3.2 catchment modelling He

Lecture 1 SWAT - Video
Lecture 2 SWAT - Video
Example Dataset
Assignment_Data_WhiteOakBayou Dataset
3.4 hydroinformatics system design and development
Web-based hydroinformatics systems
Molkenthin 18 Oct Groundwater 1D FDM steady Example
1. DHTML: Simple Web Solution DHTML
2. R Solution derived from DHTML
3. Python Solution derived from R
Molkenthin 02 Nov

22 Nov
Groundwater 2D FDM SoftwareSystem:
2D FDM steady system derived from 1D FDM sytem
1. Python Solution
2. R Solution
2D FDM steady and unstedy system derived from 1D FDM sytem
3. DHTML: Simple Web Solution DHTML
Model Analysis and Design
System Test
data modelling and analysis Venables, Smith & co   R-Intro.pdf
19 Oct

16 Nov

16 Nov
Time Series - Presentation
Part 1 - PDF
    Example file access R scripts (zipped)
    Assignment 1 DWD-Example R scripts (zipped)
Part 2 - PDF
    Assignment 2 Water Quality Data
    R scripts and data (zipped)
    New Data: 2020-2020 (zipped: data and R Script)
Kawka Time Series - Flood Frequency Analysis
    Slides Statistical Hydrology
    Tutorial HEC-SSP
    Example Dataset
    HEC-SSP Homepage
students Jan/Feb Posters:
3.X HydroEurope
aquacloud account required
3.Y Introduction to research Reichert
SimHydro 2019
  What is a good Poster?
How to write a Paper?
Paper Template
Vidå Project:
   Engineering Report
   Book Article
   DHI Case Story
   Guidelines - Case Study
Molkenthin   IAHR Young Professional Congress 2020 Posters - Abstracts
IAHR Hydroinformatics Conf. 2018 Table of Content
     (paper available, contact Frank)
River Flow 2018 Proceedings
IAHR Europe Conf. 2018 see Technical Programme
IAHR Hydroinformatics Conf. 2014 Proceedings
IAHR Europe Conf. 2014 Proceedings
ICHE Conf. 2014 Proceedings
IAHR Europe Conf. 2012 Proceedings
IAHR Hydroinformatics Conf. 2012 Proceedings

Lecture Recording WS 2020/21

Date Lecture MP4 File
08 Oct Groundwater 1D Introduction WS2020_Sem3_GW1D_0.mp4
15 Oct Groundwater 1D Solution and 2D Theory WS2020_Sem3_GW1D_GW2D_steady_0.mp4
22 Oct Groundwater 2D steady WS2020_Sem3_GW2D_steady_0.mp4
30 Oct Groundwater 2D steady Implementation WS2020_Sem3_GW2D_steady_implementation_0.mp4
02 Nov Groundwater 2D unsteady WS2020_Sem3_GW2D_unsteady_0.mp4
09 Nov Groundwater System_Development WS2020_Sem3_GW2D_unsteady_0.mp4
07 Oct River Rhine Section Case Study Introduction WS2020_Sem3_RiverRhine1_0.mp4
14 Oct River Rhine Section 1D Steady Model WS2020_Sem3_RiverRhine2_0.mp4
20 Oct River Rhine Q/h realtionship WS2020_Sem3_RiverRhine3_0.mp4
27 Oct River Rhine 1D Unsteady Model WS2020_Sem3_RiverRhine1DUnsteady_0.mp4
04 Nov River Rhine 1D Model Application WS2020_Sem3_RiverRhineApplication_0.mp4
12 Nov River Rhine 2D Telemac BigBlueButton Recording
19 Nov River Rhine 2D Telemac BigBlueButton Recording
26 Nov River Rhine 2D Telemac BigBlueButton Recording
03 Dec River Rhine 2D Telemac BigBlueButton Recording
10 Dec River Rhine 2D Telemac BigBlueButton Recording
17 Dec River Rhine 2D Telemac BigBlueButton Recording
07 Jan River Rhine 2D Telemac BigBlueButton Recording
06 Nov Time Series Data Modelling and Analysis 1 WS2020_Sem3_TimeSeries1_0.mp4
20 Nov Time Series Data Modelling and Analysis 2 WS2020_Sem3_TimeSeries2_0.mp4
11 Nov Catchment Modelling 1 CatchmentModelling20201111.mp4
18 Nov Catchment Modelling 2 CatchmentModelling20201118.mp4
07 Dec Paper/Poster/Report WS2020_Sem3_Documentation_0.mp4